Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are POI files?

These are files with points of interest that you can upload to your navigation device. This allows you to easily navigate to the relevant POI. The POI files that you can find on this site contain the camper locations of Campercontact.

  • What does .csv, .ov2 and .kml mean?

These are different file formats. Every navigation system uses its own POI structure. Garmin devices often use the extension .csv, TomTom from .ov2 and .kml is used for Google applications.

  • Are the POI downloads also suitable for my navigation system?

We offer the three most common file formats. Before you make a purchase, it is good to first check which extension your navigation system supports. In many cases this is the .csv file. If your navigation system needs a different extension then the ones we provide, use the .csv file and convert it to the correct extension. You can use the program POIedit (Windows) or an online tool like POIconvert, ConvertCSV, POIeditor or GPS data team.

  • What payment methods are there?

- iDeal.

- Credit card (Visa, Meastro, Mastercard, Amex).

- PayPal.

- Bancontact.

  • How do I put such a POI file on my navigation system?

More information Garmin

More information TomTom

If you cannot find a solution, please contact the helpdesk of the brand of your navigation system.

Helpdesk Garmin

Helpdesk TomTom

  • How long is my purchase valid?

You will receive a download link that is valid for 12 months. We update this link every quarter with the most recent camper location information. You can use this download link up to 30 times. The downloaded files will of course remain in your own management. After 12 months, the download link will stop working. It will also stop as soon as you have reached the maximum number of downloads.

  • What exactly do I download?

After payment you will receive a confirmation with download links (in the browser) with which you download the files. These are the POI file with all camper location information and an icon file (.bmp) in 2 variants (22x22 pixels and 44x44 pixels).

  • What is an icon file (.bmp)?

This is used by some navigation systems to recognize motorhome locations on the map. One system uses an icon file with the dimensions 22x22 pixels, the other uses 44x44 pixels.

  • What kind of information do the POI files have?

The dataset is structured as follows:

Longitude, Latitude, “City / Location name / Category / Sitecode / Max. amount of places / Phone Number”

  • The category can be: Cpl (motorhome stopover), Cmp (campsite) or Spl (service area).
  • The max. amount of places is indicated by a hash (#) followed by a number.
  • The sitecode is a unique number with which you can find more information about the motorhome site on or in the Campercontact app.

  • I miss a certain combination of countries. Where can I go?

Send an email with your wish to stating 'POI download package'. Then we will see what we can do for you.

Is your question not listed here?

Then contact us. We will help you as soon as possible.